Body Mind & Spirit: What’s the Difference?

You may be thinking about the connection between the Body Mind & Spirit. People do not have a clear understanding of Body Mind & Spirit. It is related to a person’s mental, physical, and emotional health. You would have noticed it many times when something is troubling you emotionally or mentally you started to have physical symptoms because they all are connected.

You may have experienced heart palpitation, sweating, or trouble sleeping. Whenever a person is under stress these things happen. When you have these symptoms your body mind & spirit goes out of balance.

When you have body mind & spirit in balance you feel peace and happiness. Physically you feel very calm and relaxed.

Difference Between Body Mind & Spirit


In order to understand the difference between body mind & spirit, first, you have to understand what is body, mind, and spirit. The body is an organism made of several parts controlled by the brain. The body consists of the heart, liver, kidneys, and many parts. The mind is also a part of the body.

Our minds are made up of information and different kinds of conditioning knowledge. You can consider the mind as the operating system of the body. You can teach everything to your mind like physics, mathematics, and history. Our minds can use this information to create a new one.

Spirit is a divine driving force. Spirit uses the mind to create the identity of I which helps us in our survival. The soul is the core of your being. The soul is eternal. The soul is the part of God that lives within us.

For living a healthy life anyone should know how to make a balance between the body-mind & spirit. Life is full of a struggle it is very hard to make a balance between the Body Mind & Spirit. For a healthy Body Mind & spirit, one should exercise daily, once your body is healthy your mind and spirit also get healthy.

Connection Between The Body Mind & Spirit

We all are created by the three parts Body Mind & Spirit. The body is the one that consists of the Mind and Spirit. Mind is like the processor, Spirit is like the energy source.

mind body peace

Body Mind & Spirit all are interconnected, if you have some physical health problem you also did not feel good emotionally or spiritually. If you have to go through some emotional trauma you can see the physical symptoms of it on your body. Mind, body, and soul are interconnected, if there is a problem in one, then there is an effect in the other.

We feel emotionally well when our body, mind & spirit makes balance with each other. The theory of connectedness tells that an object is bonded when it moves as one piece. By doing the daily exercise you can make the balance between the body, mind & spirit.


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body mind and spirit simply means someone’s physical, emotional or mental health. For living a healthy life a person should make a balance between physical, emotional, and mental health.


Body-mind and spirit are different things but connected with each other. If there is a problem in one, then there is an effect in the other. When we go through some emotional problems we can see their physical symptoms of them also. For living a healthy life one should know how to make a balance between them.

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