How To Deal With Emotional Breakdown

In this article, we will talk about how to deal with emotional breakdown. Nowadays the number of people experiencing emotional breakdowns is increasing. People come to their office totally burned out. The emotional breakdown is a mental disorder that can induce depression and anxiety in people.

Sometimes emotional breakdown problems increase to the extent that people are not able to do their daily life works. The cause of the emotional breakdown is too much pressure at work, family pressure, the death of a close one, or divorce.

A person with an emotional breakdown can experience hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, dizziness, upset stomach, insomnia, and panic attacks. Symptoms of emotional breakdown are chest pain, fear, difficulty in breathing, and post-traumatic stress disorder. In this article, we have described things like how to deal with an emotional breakdown and how to deal with a mental breakdown.

How To Deal With Emotional Breakdown

There are many tricks and techniques which can help you to deal with your emotional breakdown. Some of the methods for dealing with emotional breakdown are mentioned below:

1. Meditation

a girl is doing meditation in nature

If you are going through an emotional breakdown then mediation can help you to recover from it. Doing meditation on the daily basis can benefit you. Meditation can be very hard at starting, you have to sit for very long hours trying to focus on your breathing and stop the thought.

After daily practise of meditation, you can do it easily. In the initial days, try to meditate for 10 minutes. After a few days, you can increase the time of doing your meditations. Try to do it for 30 minutes to 1 hour. As you go deeper into the meditation you will realise that your vibrations of the body become very low. After a time, such a time will come, the entire vibration of the body will become zero.

Meditation is a very good technique for calming your mind. After a couple of months of meditation practice, you will feel better. You will realise that your stress levels are going down and you will feel very better emotionally.

2. Talk With Friends And Family

enjyoing with friends

A person who goes through an emotional breakdown feels very lonely. At this time talking to your friend and family can help you to overcome your emotional breakdown. Try to spend your time with friends and family. If you are not living with your family then you can call them or contact them on Whatsapp Or just ask them to come over.

When you are going through a nervous breakdown you will realise who are your real friends. Try to share your feelings with those friends which can make you feel comfortable. Go out for a walk with your friends. This will improve your mood.

If you are having any problem then share it with your friends. By sharing your problems with your family you will feel light.

3. Share Your Feelings With Other People Who Also Suffering From Emotional Breakdown

When a person suffers from an emotional breakdown he feels very lonely. The person did not like to talk to anyone, he may be sitting alone in his room looking out through the window and watching other people enjoying life. In those moments remember you are not alone, there are many other people who feel the same way.

You can feel that you are alone but you are not. There are many people who suffer from an emotional breakdown. You can search on the internet for other people who are suffering from emotional breakdowns, you can chat with them, you can meet with them. You can share your feelings with them.

4. Understand Your Body

The emotional breakdown is also related to the physical body. It is very important to understand the signs of the body. People with an emotional breakdown can feel very sad, depressed and sleepy. Some people who suffer from emotional breakdowns feel exhausted in their daily life.

It is very necessary to give your body rest if you suffering from an emotional breakdown. Go for a walk and exercise daily. Exercise can help you to improve your mood. If you think exercise is tough for you try to do some yoga.

5. Spend Time In Nature


Using too much technology can also cause an emotional breakdown. It is the era where everything is controlled by technology. People are spending hours on their mobile and laptops which is not good for their physical and mental health. People have lost their connection with nature. If you want to cure your emotional breakdown problem, try to spend some time in nature.

The body has the ability to heal itself, the only thing you have to do is spend some time in nature. Try to eat natural food, go for a morning walk, do some yoga, you will definitely get some benefit. People spend too much time scrolling social media. Social media is also causing depression in people these days. Try to avoid social media for your better health.

6. Try To Live In A Present Moment

People with emotional breakdowns spent all their time worrying about the future. They were thinking about, Am I ever going to recover from it? , What if things get more worse in future? , How am I going to live all my life with it?.

People with emotional breakdowns are either guilty about their past or anxious about their future. The only way of getting out of an emotional breakdown is living in the present moment. You can read the book of Eckhart Tolle the power of now in which he tells the power of the present moment. It is one of the best spiritual books available on market.

All the worries and tensions lie in the future or past. The moment you start living in the present you will not have any worry or tension.

7. Medical Help


People with emotional breakdowns ignore their social life and hide in their rooms. They experience social anxiety which prevents them from getting out of the house. People become so depressed and tired that they don’t even leave their beds. If these are the things you are going through then you may need medical help.

Go to a Psychiatrist for help. He can prescribe you some good medication that can help you to get out of the anxiety, depression, and emotional breakdown. With some right medication and therapy, you can easily come out of an emotional breakdown.

8. Work On Your Needs

A person going through an emotional breakdown feels very tired and exhausted. They don’t even have the energy for doing the daily life work. It is very hard for them to clean their room, pay their bills, and do other important tasks. At this time they need support from their friends and family.

So if you are having a problem doing your daily life work then go and ask for help from your family. Not all your friends are helpful. Ask for help from those persons who are nice people.


u003cstrongu003eHow do you stop an emotional breakdown?u003c/strongu003e

There are many ways you can stop an emotional breakdown. Some of them are described below:u003cbru003e1. Talk with your friends and family, socialize with them.u003cbru003e2. Do physical exercise on daily basis. Daily exercise can reduce your stress levels and enhance your moods.u003cbru003e3. You can do meditation and breathing exercises for reducing stress and emotional breakdown.u003cbru003e4. Eat a healthy diet and take vitamins.u003cbru003e5. Sleep 7-8 hours every day.

u003cstrongu003eWhat are the 5 signs of emotional suffering?u003c/strongu003e

Some of the 5 signs of emotional suffering are mentioned below:u003cbru003e1. Person started to feel frustrated and anxious.u003cbru003e2. Feeling hopeless and worthless.u003cbru003e3. Isolating from others.u003cbru003e4. Feeling depressed.u003cbru003e5. Always feeling tired and exhausted.


An emotional breakdown can cause because of acute stress, PTSD, and depression. It could be a result of a traumatic event that happened in your past life. There are many signs which can show you that you are going through an emotional breakdown. Some of them are feeling worried, panic attacks, lack of motivation, migration, laziness, and exhaustion.

People suffering from emotional breakdown isolate themselves. You can do mediation and breathing exercise to deal with the emotional breakdown. In this article, we have described how to deal with an emotional breakdown and how to deal with a mental breakdown in very deep detail.

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How To Deal With Emotional Breakdown

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