How To Deal With Lust | How To Overcome Lust

It is very normal to feel lust or have sexual desires. You may be feeling lust towards a particular person or doing the activities like watching pornography. But sometimes these feelings really get out of control. The most common thing you can do is to ignore these things.

If you are not able to control your lustful thoughts by yourself then you can see a doctor or counsellor. For some people, it is extremely hard to control your lust. In this article, we are describing some of the ways which can help you on how to deal with lust or how to overcome lust.

Try To Remove The Things That Make You Feel Lustful

Always try to remove those things which activate the feeling of lust in you. If you are using your computer and just by seeing an ad of a girl on a computer you feel lust then try to block these ads by using some extension on your computer. Try to use those websites which do not contain these types of ads.

If just by opening the computer you get a feel of lust then try to use the computer in public places or in the park where these feeling does not occur more frequently. If you are feeling lust for a particular person then try to avoid their social profile.

Write Down The Reasons To Resist

write down

You can write down the things or the reasons why it is important for you to overcome the lust. By writing down those reasons you can see them on a daily basis which will make it easier for you to overcome this problem. You can write some of the reasons like this:

  • I don’t want to do sex until marriage because it is a very special feeling and sacred thing.
  • I should be faithful to my spouse, I should stop this temptation.
  • I don’t want my lust habit to create problem in my professional and daily life.

Try To Identify Things Which Triggers The Lust In You

Find those things which trigger the lust in you and try to avoid them. For example, you may have more sexual thoughts when you are in stress or bored. So writing down those signs gives you sexual thoughts that next time you can stop these triggers easily. Whenever you feel bored you can listen to music so that you don’t get any lustful thoughts.

It may be your friends which started to talk about sex things which can trigger you, try to avoid these friends also. You can busy yourself with reading books and other things.

Find Some Ways To Busy Yourself

team work

Most of the time you get lustful thoughts when you are free or bored. Try to busy yourself so these thoughts would not come to your mind. You can read a book or start listening to music. You can go out for a walk with friends. You can play video games to distract your mind or you can start learning some new musical instruments. Always find ways to keep yourself busy.

Romance With Your Partner

If you have a partner or you are in a relationship try to spend some quality time with your partner. Find some attractive things about your partner. Make some love and intimacy with your partner. Go out with your partner and enjoy some time with her.

You can make a list that can remind you that you should spend some time with your partner, at least every day spent 10-15 minutes with your partner. Make a list of the top 10 things you love to do with your partner. Take your partner for the dance or the dinner. Try to make physical intimacy with your partner by kissing or hugging her.

Use Relaxation Technique And Yoga


You can use some relaxation techniques like Diaphragmatic Breathing to get rid of lustful thoughts. Listen to music or practice some yoga, these things will help you to deal with the lust. Take a shower or do some meditation. Meditation will help you to calm your mind and lustful thoughts will go away on their own.

You Can Join A Self-Help Group

Your doctor or therapist can find a self-help group for you. You can join an online group also. Being in a group can help you to control unwanted lustful thoughts and feelings. You can share some strategies and advice in the group to help other people or you can take some advice from them.

If you are not comfortable meeting with people then you can join online chat groups. Try different groups until you find the right group for you. For most people, self-help groups are very useful.

Acknowledge That Lustful Feelings Are Normal

Sometimes it is good to acknowledge your thoughts rather than fight them. Fighting with your thoughts will make you more frustrated. Instead of forcing them out of your mind just sit and observe them, you will find after some time they will go away on their own.

The truth is nobody can control their thoughts and feelings. Remind that this is not your fault for getting these thoughts. Just having these thoughts will not make you a bad person. Just acknowledge them and try to overcome them.

Consult Your Doctor

Many times chemical imbalances are the real cause of sexual thoughts. In this case, your doctor can suggest you some medications. If the medication is not enough doctor can try therapy and combinations of other medications. Medications are very helpful if your sexual urges are the result of a hormonal imbalance.

Some of the medications which can help you are antidepressant medicines, antianxiety medications, Naltrexone, and mood stabilizers. These medications reduce the hormones which are associated with sexual behavior.

Practice Meditation


There are many studies that show that meditation helps in reducing sexual thoughts and calms the mind. You can join any meditation center near you or you can join some online classes on meditation. Just follow these steps for the meditation:

  • Find a peaceful room or place and then sit down quietly and comfortably.
  • Close your eyes and take slow and deep breaths.
  • Focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale.
  • Try to remove your thoughts from brain and focus on your breath.


u003cstrongu003eHow do I stop feeling lust?u003c/strongu003e

These are some of the ways which can help you to reduce the lust feeling:u003cbru003e1. Try To Remove The Things That Make You Feel Lustful.u003cbru003e2. Write Down The Reasons To Resist.u003cbru003e3. Try To Identify Things Which Triggers The Lust In You.u003cbru003e4. Find Some Ways To Busy Yourself, Romance With Your Partner.u003cbru003e5. Use Relaxation Technique And Yoga.u003cbru003e6. You Can Join A Self-Help Group.u003cbru003e7. Acknowledge That Lustful Feelings Are Normal.u003cbru003e8. Consult Your Doctor.u003cbru003e9. Practice Meditation.


Having a lust thought or feeling is normal but getting overwhelmed with it or not able to control it could be a problem. There are many things which you can do to overcome the lust or deal with the lust some of them are trying to ignore things that make you feel lustful, Using relaxation techniques and yoga, joining a self-help group, consulting a doctor and practising meditation.

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