Soul Energy

What is the soul? the soul is that part of you that existed before you were born and it will exist after you die it’s the highest most noble part of yourself that you can reach. The soul is the core of your being. it is eternal and it doesn’t exist in space-time. it’s a field of infinite possibilities infinite creativity, it’s your internal reference point with which you should always be in touch. A soul is what gives you energy.

Science is also agreeing that the universe is a living thing and everything in it is connected. All the electrons and protons vibrate in a particular frequency in order to create the universe. Science is also saying that the physical universe is a sea of energy. All the physical matter at the fundamental level is just energy.

There is a theory that says that it is the brain that creates conscious awareness. We all know that consciousness is a primary force of life. Transmissive theory suggests that consciousness is inherent within the cosmos and it is independent of our brain and senses. The brain is just a medium from which consciousness is filtered, adapted, and experienced.

Consciousness is the energy that creates things, energizes things in-universe, and sustains them.

What Is Soul Energy?


We all know that soul is immortal. Science says energy can neither be created nor destroyed or energy is immortal. You can only transform the energy from one form to another form. Soul and energy both are immortal or you can say the soul is energy or energy is soul.

Higher the soul energy you have the more positive you will be towards life. If you have positive soul energy you will think positively and act positively. Everyone consists the unique and different soul energy. We all know the soul is immortal, it never dies the only thing that dies is the body.

The soul reincarnates itself from one birth to another. A soul goes through the many cycles of birth and rebirth.

Is Our Mind Our Soul


Mind and soul are two concepts that are related to each other. The soul is the spiritual nature of humans. It is believed that the soul leaves the body after death.

The mind is used for thinking and reasoning. Consciousness starts in the brain and is manifested through thought, emotions and actions.

Most religions believed the soul is a God-given essence. It is believed that Soul is present in all living and non-living things. The soul is the real nature of a human whereas the mind is the thought process to achieve things in life.

Many psychologists believe that emotions like love, hate, fear, and joy are not the part of mind because only higher intellectual processes like reason and memory can be part of the mind.

Our desires come from our souls while our minds decide what actions to take in order to achieve our desires.

What Is Mind?

There is no universal definition of mind but it is a set of cognitive faculties which is also responsible for the perception of an individual. The mind is the one who is responsible for reasoning and thinking. The mind is responsible for emotions and feelings. It is because of the mind that you can recognize people, apprehend, do amazing things.

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Soul Energy

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