Your True Nature

There are two ways to perceive yourself. You can see yourself as the mind and the body. When we perceive ourselves in this manner we say that our mind and body have a soul. The other way is that you can perceive yourself as a soul. When you look at yourself as a soul, you can say that soul has a mind and body.

If you think that you are the mind and body then you can go for the search of a soul. If you think you are the soul then you can go for the search of mind and body. Our true nature is happiness.

What is Your True Nature?


We have to understand, we are not a physical body, we are the soul in the body. It is the soul which drives life. The soul is immortal and eternal. The body can perish but the soul doesn’t. The soul exists even after physical death.

Finding your soul is finding your true nature. When you find your soul you can say that you have found your true nature.

By finding your soul you can find the real path of your life.

People all over the world search for happiness. They search for a good partner, they search for a good job and think these things can give them happiness. But discovering happiness without trying, the happiness which comes from inside you. When happiness comes from the inside it never goes away.

Happiness is not a thing that you can practice, real happiness is natural.

Ways To Awaken Your True Nature

One thing to understand is, awakening your true nature is reconnecting yourself with your soul. Here are some ways which will help you to awaken your true nature.

Understand That Everything Is In You

The answers to all the questions you are looking for are within you, it is a very common saying. You just have to look inside you and you will get all the answers. If you want the answer to any question ask yourself. This is the best way to awaken your true nature.

Spiritual Practice

spiritual practice

Spiritual practice can help you to find your true nature. This is why practising meditation and inner work are so important. They help you to create the internal space that awakens your true nature. Spiritual practices are very crucial practices for awakening your true nature.

Explore The True Nature Of I

For awakening your true nature you have to understand the difference between your true nature and the illusion. For finding your true nature you should be able to see beyond the ego. For searching yourself beyond the ego you can do meditation. Meditation will help you to see yourself beyond the ego.


Finding your true nature is like finding your soul. When you find your soul or understand your soul you find your true nature. Our true nature is happiness and love. There are many ways that help you to awaken your true nature, you should understand that everything is in you, you can do meditation and spiritual practice for finding your true self.

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Your True Nature

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